Camera Modes

Automatic Modes:

Lets the camera select the best settings and shot automatically.

Portrait Mode:

The camera will select a large aperture to keep the background out of focus.

Macro Mode:

Allows you to move closer to your subject.

Landscape Mode:

Camera will use a small aperture and gives a large depth of field.

Sports Mode:

Camera increases the shutter speed to capture moving objects like cars or people.

Night Mode:

Sets the camera to use a longer shutter speed and a flash to take a better photo in dark light areas.

Movie Mode:

Captures moving ones that you can’t take a still photo of.

Aperture Priority Mode:

You chose your aperture but your camera chooses the other settings.

Shutter Priority Mode:

You chose your shutter speed but your camera chooses the other settings.

Program Mode:

Similar to Auto mode but you have more control.

Manual Mode:

You have control of every setting in the camera.



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